7 Free Travel Apps For Android In 2018

7 Free Travel Apps For Android In 2018

Whenever you like to go out for a travel, you need to make a plan where will you go and what to pack in your luggage. That will help you to make your tour peacefully. With your necessary belongings need to take currency, mobile phones and so on.  For travelers, mobile phones are essential tools to make your travel easier, cheaper and safer. Besides these, you have to take a look at some free travel apps for Android that will keep you on track, such as to find the best flight, the best place to have your lunch, the best information about your nearby tourist place, the best-rated place to stay during your trips and much more.

Choosing the best free travel apps can be a matter of puzzling. So, we have searched out 7 free travel Apps for Android to help you take the decision which one will be perfect for planning an outing, finding travel related assistance, and saving money during the tour.


Triplt is a free travel app helps you pile up your travel plans, as well as reports on your itinerary, hotel or resort, and bookings rental cars in one suitable location. Direct from your mailbox, you can get this information. Even if you like, can share with your friends or family members your travel plans. Moreover, it will include your tours plan to your calendar.

For a fundamental set of features, Triplt is a free App. You can take its premium version at $49 per annum to get updated information such as delays of your flight, changes of gate number. When a better flight becomes available the app will inform you that including the changing flight plans.

Whether you are a regular traveler or you want to share a simple way of your travel plans with your knowing people, then give Triplt a try.

TripIt Website


If you are planning to travel on a budget, give Airbnb a try. Airbnb is a free app and helps you to locate places to reside, Private hosts in more than 34,000 cities all over the world,  help it to offer these.

Airbnb will assist you to get the perfect accommodations according to your desire, if you like to have a luxurious house, including swimming pool and hot tub or when you are alone and like to share your room with an unknown traveler.

Using the Airbnb app you can directly communicate with the host, can view pictures and get information regarding offered facilities, the location of the space, rates and so on.

Airbnb Website


A free travel dairy app for Android is LIveTrekker, which allows you to make a document of your travels and it is done through interactive pictures, maps, voice, video, and text. Moreover, it helps to share your travel knowledge in real time. It also helps to upload your travel experiences to the cloud to view or share them another time.

By tapping on a button this app is started to track your movements through GPS and exhibiting your itinerary on a satellite map. You can add footnotes to this map with videos, photos or text and it will create a detailed documentation of your voyage, which you can share with others or at any time you can play back that.

If you love to make documentation of your travels and like to share with others, then download the Live Trekker on your Android.

LiveTrekker Website


When you are looking for the cheapest flights to go anywhere, then Skyscanner is a great little app helps you to find it. This app also assists you to book flights directly and helps to search and book hotels.

Choose a location you expect to travel through this app and it will quickly show the flights to that location and arrange them from the cheapest price. It’s very simple to use and presents the information very quickly which you wanted.

Skyscanner is a travel app for Android offering you the cheapest flight, where you dream to make your tour in the next vacation.

Skyscanner Website

Evaneos Travel

A free travel guide app for Android is Evaneos Travel. Totally no need in-app buy or advertising. With the information piled up by experienced travelers, it provides a wide message on destinations throughout the world.

To provide information on destinations to the travelers, it’s really a handy travel app. Each destination procures reviews from the visited travelers, that will be a guide for you what you can get, sights you can see, what to pass up, the best time to visit and so on.

Hope you will pick up the Evaneos Travel app for your next trip as you desire an adventure.

Evaneos Travel

Google Maps

It’s my belief that, you already installed Google Maps on your Android device. If yet not, you can do it by downloading from Google Play. It’s totally a free app.

Google Maps is such a map app you can use it as your travel app which allows you to make plan provide proper directions to get there. Even it can present the indoor maps of large places like as airports, stadiums and big on stop malls. When you search it certainly shows the location of your nearest stores or restaurant.

If you don’t have the experience to use Google Maps for travel, try to use for your next travel time. Hope you will discover its amazing facilities.

Google Maps Website


Triposo is another free travel app for Android devices. The app helps you providing crowd-sourced information from the site Wikitravel, Wikipedia, and other sites. Every large or small destination has some particular information for the travelers. So, just download the Triposo app on your Android device and enjoy the lucrative information what you really need during your travel period. It will let you the recommendations for hotels, restaurants and much more as well as maps and directions.

Triposo Website

Final Words

There are numerous free travel apps available in the market to help the travelers in various ways. Travelers are also using these to get accurate information regarding flights, flight prices, destinations, hotels, restaurants, maps, and directions as well. In our above writings, we described on 7 free travel apps for Android. Hope it will be a helpful guide for you when you make plans for a trip.

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