Top 5 Travel Management Company in California

Top 5 Travel Management Company in California

People travel to various locations for many reasons and the travel is constantly increasing day by day all over the world. It’s not an easy work for a person making travel-related works, like as booking air tickets, train tickets, hotels, to manage connecting flights and any other travel connected service he might need. These are all tricky works for an individual.

In order to help people and provide better services thousands of travel management companies are established throughout the world. Not only a person, but also business companies are using travel management companies to get satisfactory and seamless travel services. A travel management agent does a lot of work in favor of a person or business companies to manage everything associated to travel.
In California, a number of travel management companies have been established to furnish travel related services to the people locally and internationally. Here, we will sum up on top 5 travel management company in California. That will help you to select one when you need.

Authentic Vacations Travel

Authentic vacations travel is a full-service Travel & Tour management company of California, USA. It has about 30 years experience for vacation packages and tours for its valued clients.
For decades Authentic Vacations offering and delivering affordable and excellent holiday packages to its clients. Whether a traveler is searching for a tour to join or to make his own travel route, even if the destinations are often visited or mostly unknown, all are included in their services. They made the plan for hundreds of thousands of itineraries and they have the vow to make each experience unforgettable.

Authentic Vacations works from three different locations: one office located in Santa Rosa, California, USA, in Ireland their office located in Dublin, and another one located in London, UK.

There are 160 staffs are available day-and-night to provide you incomparable customer care as well as support.
Hundreds of hotels and visitor attractions are correlated with authentic Vacations in Ireland and Great Britain, that lets them put jointly itineraries like as the Game of Thrones Tour in Ireland or the Edinburgh Outlander Experience in Scotland. Every year, more than 70,000 people take services from Authentic Vacations for traveling.
Authentic Vacation’s expertise is beyond compare in Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland. Moreover, day by day they are spreading out beyond the British islands and like to be a global destination provider in 2018.

Authentic Vacations got membership of the Irish Welcome Tours group and the Irish Tour Operators Association (IOTA), got a certificate from the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), it’s fully bonded and licensed by the Commission for Aviation Regulation in Ireland and a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in the United States.

Authentic Vacations Travel Website

Fell Travel

Fell Travel established in 1946, is a full-service corporate travel management company in California, USA. This company is dedicated to providing reliable, efficient, and a very competitive lowest airfare cost to its clients and the business community. From some of Northern California’s biggest corporations to medium and, little size businesses are its client’s range. As these companies are looking to get a well-organized travel partner.
They are pleased that their affiliation will supply their customers a confirmed level of incomparable industry experience and connections.

Lately, this company has taken a noteworthy step towards enhancing their regional presence by joining Travel Leaders, the biggest Travel franchise network in the USA, which sales are more than 20 Billion Dollars.
This travel management company offers noteworthy benefits to its business travelers like as cheap rates at more than a hundred thousand hotels throughout the world.And also offers the latest technologies and the expertise of their outstanding agents who are devoted to supplying the best potential travel experience.

Fell Travel Website


A Business Travel Management Company, at Sunnyvale, CA.
ABT started its journey as a tourism company and it has been developed over last 30 years and become a dominant performer in corporate travel management solutions. The reason behind the success of ABT is its talented employee team, who are dedicated to providing better customer service. They also leverage the latest technology to present a firm solution to its clients.

It has many offices located in the USA, Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, where a strong staff network has been built. Its highly skilled team knows the needs of corporate travelers. The ABT team can able to help you with any travel related question answered or can provide you an inclusive corporate travel solution.
ABT uses the technology that is specifically designed for saving time and money. This technology is also optimized for cloud services as well as an established IT infrastructure which is efficient, secure and easily contacts with any internet-enabled device.

ABT Travel Website

Travel Leaders

Travel Leaders is a company for full-service hands-on business & vacation travel management. Atlantic Pacific Travel is a tactical network associate under the Travel Leaders Group, with its headquarters in San Jose, California, USA and another office in Mesa, Az.

Its San Jose, CA office has been operating for more than 37 years. Its business philosophy is based on company’s understanding of the miscellaneous and challenging requirements of the travel business, financial stability, quality service, client excellence and advanced technology. Most of its success is resultant to hard work, modernization and leadership. The company measures its success by the capability to listen and predict the basic needs and hope of its clients, reacting professionally and proactively to each situation.
Travel leaders are committed to facing the challenges of technology, administration and industry changes as a team.

Travel Leaders Website

Executive Travel

Executive Travel is a business travel management company at Stevenson Ranch, CA, USA.
It has been the experts in the travel business for more than 25 years and striving to deliver the best value as well as services. It’s a full service providing organization, with a human touch to build, manage and execute your custom travel policy. In the critical world of travel management business, companies need an expert partner who knows perfectly the today’s rapidly developing world market.

With Travel Leaders, Executive clients are collaborating with a veteran travel management company that can make solutions to match individual needs. The service of Travel Leaders in a multinational environment is the highest quality. This Company makes sure that clients arrive at their destinations securely, comfortably and with as small stress as is humanly possible.

By pulling jointly the very best technology with purchasing power and inserting this in the hands of extremely skilled, well trained and provoked employees this company offers its customers the self-confidence and hope they look for in their travel management company.
Your business is important to this company and you may be assured that its staff and resources will be totally committed to putting the value to your travel management program.

Executive Travel Website

Final Words

A travel management company is needed to get perfect assistance for traveling and finding an ideal one requires time, practice and patience. People mostly depend on a travel management company to make sure everything related to his travel will be done faultlessly. In above, we highlighted on top 5 travel management company in California. Hope this article will help you to choose one for your next tour.

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